We have launched a new version of our Tilt platform. Below is a list of some of the new improvements!

1. Sidebar menu

Unlike the current version of the platform, the sidebar menu on the new and improved version has been expanded, to give you better visibility of all the options available to you. However, this can still be collapsed to give you a wider view of the platform.

2. Security and payment method choices

To ensure that you are adding the necessary security options as well as choosing the correct product for your transactions, we have exposed the panel that holds this information. We have also included a reminder showing you that the template downloaded is based on the settings chosen.

3. Buttons are elevated

We have received numerous feedback regarding your frustrations with the Intercom button(In-app chat tool) obstructing certain page functions on the platform. To address this, we have elevated all pages to be well above the button for easier navigation.

4. Reporting

Our reporting has also changed, to give you a better view of your accounts we have created 2 separate panels for your payments and collections accounts as well as indicated the account balances on both. This will be especially useful for clients who use both product types.

5. Side menu

This is a new feature which displays the options to view your profile, company settings and a second point providing you with the sign out option.

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