1. See an accurate quote for the total batch amount inclusive of fees, before clicking the "send" button.


These features have been made available to a select few based on their company needs. Should any of these features appeal to your operational needs, do not hesitate to let us know and we can have these added to your company in no time!

Duplicate reference check

Does your company use a reference-based system as a means to correctly pay wages due to an employee and you would like to avoid duplicating a payment to an individual? Then this feature will serve you well.

How it works

  1. If the reference entered during the batch upload process was already used on a previous batch a warning in red will appear under the affected reference. When the cursor is hovered over the warning a grey box appears with the text “This reference has already been used in a previous batch”.

2. If the payer clicks the warning, a dialogue box detailing which payment the reference was already used on will appear, with the options to “view payment” or “close

3. In the instance that the “view payment” option is selected the user will be directed to the payment where the reference was previously used.

  • The payer then has the option to click the "back" button. This will take them back to the uploaded batch page (see image.1 ) where they will be able to edit the reference directly on the platform before sending the batch for approval.

4. To edit, the payer simply needs to click the pencil icon and change the reference then proceed to confirm the changes.

Improvement of the insufficient funds alert when sending a batch.

Currently, if you have insufficient funds the dialogue box displays the contents as shown in the image below. You then have the option to “cancel sending” or ‘to send until funds run out”.

With the new release, the “send until funds run out” option has been removed. We have also improved the information shown in the dialogue box to provide more detail into the batch, such as; amount required to send the batch, account balance and the shortfall.

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