1. Resend SMSes for an entire batch with one click of a button!

2. For our Collections Clients, we now offer two options:

  • Option 1 (existing option): Your clients each receive an SMS with a Z CODE attached to their mobile number and a specified amount that should be paid

  • Option 2 (new option): Your company will now also get a unique company "Merchant code" which can be given to any of your clients and enables them to pay you any amount.


1. If you entered a mobile number that is less than 10 or higher than 12 digits the error message that was displayed was "number format incorrect". We have improved this to reflect the specific issue.

2. You may have noticed that If you clicked the back button from the payment details page, you would be taken back to the 1st page regardless of what you were viewing before. e.g. If you were viewing the batch details of a batch on page 6 when you click back you are taken back to page 1 even if you still needed to go back to page 6. This has been fixed!

3. The status of batches that have been recalled was not accurately displayed on the payment batch page and payment detail page. This will now consistently be displayed as “Recalled”.

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