1. With one click of a button, you can now save time and recall ALL the payments or collections in a Z CODE batch that have not yet been redeemed or paid.

2. We are aware that clients were unable to access the platform using Internet Explorer. This has been resolved.

3. For an easier batch creation process we have reduced the number of mandatory fields that you need to populate when creating a batch by removing some of the fields and making some optional. This will give you the option to create batches containing information that best suits your company's needs.

4. When performing a Send To Bank, your Tilt account number from which money is being transferred will now be displayed on the confirmation screen. This will enable companies that have use both collections and disbursements to verify the account they are pulling the funds from.

5. For our collections clients, we have added a "collected" field to the batch details page were you can now track how much money has been collected using that Z CODE.

6. The Settlement account (used for disbursements) will now be referred to as Payments account. This has been done to enable our clients to easily differentiate between the collections and disbursements account.

Coming soon........

  • Tilt is constantly evolving and with that evolution comes a great responsibility to improve your user experience! We will soon be launching a new look of the Tilt Payments Platform that will be more intuitive, easier to navigate and simply put, great to look at!
    Nothing about the platform and how you use it will change just how it looks.
    Dates of release to be announced soon .....

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