As our norms continue to be disrupted by the Covid- 19 pandemic, there’s no better time than the present to adapt and adopt new, cashless ways of transacting. 

Tilt is pleased to announce that as of Friday 3rd April we will be launching the NEW Z CODE self-service feature, which keeps your receivers protected by giving them cashless ways to receive their money. 

Once receivers get their payment code in an SMS they can then simply dial *321*5# to transfer the funds to either an MTN, Zamtel, Tenga mobile wallet or an Atlas Mara bank account. Your recipients still have the option to collect their cash at any Zoona or Kazang agent.

Transferring funds using the Z CODE self-service option is FREE for receivers.  We will also add the withdrawal fee for the transferred amount.

For example, if you send your recipient K10 and they choose to transfer the funds to an MTN mobile wallet, we will add K2.50 withdrawal fee to the amount transferred giving them a total amount of K12.50.

Important to note: There will be a slight change to the existing Z CODE SMS sent to the receiver, as shown below:

Previous SMS: “Z CODE: CompanyABC sent you K100. To get your cash take your mobile and this  Z CODE 384-830-339 to any Zoona or Kazang Agent”. Queries 096XXXXXXX                             

New SMS: “Z CODE: 456-638-267. CompanyABC sent you K100. To get cash go to Zoona / Kazang. To transfer to your mobile wallet dial *321*5#. Help 096XXXXXXX

A step by step guide has been created for distribution to your training staff as well as recipients.

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