On the Tilt Payment Platform, you can request a recall of funds from your Tilt account to your company's bank account. This is referred to as a Send to bank.

To start using the Send to bank function, you must send a letter to help@tiltafrica.com to tell us the bank account you would like us to be transferring your funds to. This letter must contain the following information;

  • A letterhead and signature belonging to the account signatory/s.

  • Bank name 

  • Bank account number

  • Branch code 

  • Swift code

Our Payments team will document this information and use it every time you perform a Send to bank.

Note: If for any reason these details are to be changed, we will need a letter expressing the need to change banking details, accompanied with the new bank details as listed above.

Send to bank steps

  1. Select "Send to bank"

  2. Enter the amount you would like to send to the bank and click confirm  

  3. An email notification with the details of the STB will be sent to our Payments and Processing team. For security purposes, we will also send an additional email to the user who initiated the STB and owner/signatory of the company

  4. Once the payment has been processed on our side, our support team will send you a Proof Of Payment (POP). Processing of payments is done on an hourly basis

  5. Your bank will then have to credit your account. The amount of time it takes for this to happen will be based on their processing times.

Who can initiate a send to bank off the Tilt account?

Only users assigned the role of Owner, Payer or the combination of Payer and Approver are able to successfully confirm a request to move funds to the bank. Unfortunately, users who only have the role of Approver assigned to them are unable to successfully confirm a request to send funds to the bank.

Payments and processing working hours

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