You uploaded a batch and sent it, only after you cross checked that all the information, especially the phone numbers were correct. However, you start receiving reports that some of your payees have not received their SMSs.....

Very frustrating! Trust us we know. 

What causes SMS delivery issues/failures?
Well there are a number of them, below are the top 4 major causes.

  1. The receiver's phone being off at the point the batch was sent. 

  • This is not directly related to the payments platform but the receiver's network. We carried out a series of tests and found that this mainly occurs on Airtel and Zamtel lines.

2. The re-routing of SMSs by the network provider.

  •  This is where the receiver's network provider may be having issues on their usual delivery route, to mitigate this they reroute SMSs to a working route. However, this is not a guarantee of delivery.

3. The receiver is in a low network coverage area.

4. Lastly, our internal SMS delivery processor being down. This happens on a rare occasion and in instances when it does go down you will be notified via email on the issue as well as the resolution.

Solution for you and your payee

We created a short code *321*4# which your payees can dial on the phone that should have received the SMS The code allows them to view Z CODEs that have been sent to them whether the SMS was actually delivered or, not or on the off chance that the SMS is deleted by mistake.

See the guide below
Note: If the payee is still unable to retrieve the SMS after following these steps, please ask them to contact us on our toll free line 321 .

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