Steps to follow when adding a user

  1. Select settings from the main menu

  2. Click on Users and permissions

  3. Click add team member

  4. Enter the team member’s email address

  5. Select the permissions that you want to give them

  6. Click send invite to send an invite to their email address

Permission explained

Payer: Creates payment and sends it once it has been approved

Approver: Checks payments and confirms that they are correct

  • A user who has not been assigned any permissions will only be able view the company information and can not initiate or approve batches. 

  • A user can be given both payer and approver permissions and you can have multiple users for each permission 

Note: On the Tilt payments Platform, the order of approvers is not defined regardless of your levels of the number of approval levels set. e.g if you have 2levels and two approvers, when a batch is created, any of the approvers can begin or end the approval process.

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