The Z CODE summary page is a graphic representation of all Z CODE batch information. To display information from a specific batch or date range click on the drop down menus in the top right corner.

  • The table in the top right, lists the volume and the value of all Z CODES per transaction status i.e redeemed(paid out), cancelled and create(pending redemption). 

The pie charts represents the percentage by value and volume per transaction status

The boxes underneath that display

  1. The number of individual mobile numbers you have sent Z CODEs to,

  2. The average value of all Z CODEs sent

  3. The average value of Z CODEs sent to each customer  

  4. The average number of Z CODEs sent to customer

  5. The average number of hours it takes for the customer to redeem a Z CODE i.e in this example, 3hours.

  • The bar chart in the bottom left shows the channels the recipients used to redeem their Z CODES and the graph on the bottom right compares the value and the volumes of the ZCODES disbursed.

Note: If you hover of any bar, you can see the actual values

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