When a payment has been made that requires your approval, the Tilt Payments Platform will send an email to you. Once you open the email, click on the open button to open the batch.

A summary of the payment information at the top and a detailed list of all recipient details at the bottom. Click the "Approve" button to approve. If you would like the batch to edited or reviewed click, click the "Cancel" button to reject the batch.

If you click "Approve" and your company account has two approval levels set up, the batch will need to be approved by the second approver. If not, then the payment can now be processed.

If you click "Cancel"  you will be required to capture the reason for rejecting the batch. The rejected batch can later be edited.

Note: When providing the reason for rejecting the batch, ensure that you capture as much information as possible as this will help your initiator to make the required changes.


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