1. Once you are logged in, click on the "Payments" option and select "Batches".

2. On the payments page, click the "Create batch" button.

3. Enter the batch name. Ensure that you enter a name that you will remember as this will be associated with this payment in your payment records.

With Z CODE payments, you can choose what security verification you would like your recipients to present when collecting their payments. You can choose one of the following options:

  • No security verification - Anyone can withdraw the cash

  • A One time pin only - Upon redeeming their Z CODE, the recipient will receive a One Time Pin to their mobile number. This is to check the redemption is associated with the correct mobile number

  • An ID number - Recipients must provide their NRC, passport, or driver's license number. The details provided to the teller must match the details provided by you.

  • A customized verification only. This allows you to customize a verification field name. e.g password, PIN, claim number, reference code, etc.

  • A One time pin plus an ID number or a customized verification

Once you have selected your security verification, you will then need to enter the recipient information. You can either choose to enter this manually or download a CSV template, fill it in and upload it. For this example, I will take you through the manual entry process. Click "Next" to proceed.

5. Select "Add single recipient" and enter the required details for an individual recipient. Once you are done. Click on the tick to save the entries. Continue with these steps to add more recipients.

To edit recipient information click on the pen edit icon and to delete an entry click on the x. Once you are done with the entries, click next to proceed

6. Confirm your payment details and click send. If your payment needs, approval notifications will be sent to the listed approvers. If not, then your payment will be sent.
Note: If you are not ready to send the payment, select "Draft" to review and send later.

Are you an approver? Learn more about approving payments here.


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