To make payments using the Tilt Payments Platform, you must first fund your Settlement account. Follow the steps below to do so

Step 1:  Make a deposit or EFT into one of the following Zoona trust accounts 

Note: Please ensure that your transfers always contain the 7 digit deposit reference displayed on your home screen, see the example image below. This allows our payments team to clearly identify which Tilt account to credit, significantly reducing any processing delays.

Step 2: In the instance that the deposit ref was not added please send through the proof of payment using our in-App chat application(intercom) or directly to our payments team via

Step 3: Once the transfer is credited you are automatically notified via email or by one of our team members via intercom(chat application).


Deposits: Funds will reflect in your Settlement account within 30mins except for Barclays deposits which will reflect within 15 minutes.

EFTs: Barclays EFTs reflect instantly. For other banks please allow 2-3 days. Be cognisant of your bank's cut off time for processing such transfers as EFTs sent after the cut off may only be processed the following day granted that the day that follows is not a public holiday.

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